fredag, september 21, 2012

I fuld balance - med skum for boven

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  1. Det ser ikke helt perfekt ud det storsejl

  2. det er svært at styre den tore kappe.
    Pindene er nok også for bløde - det vil blive rettet..
    Alt begyndelse er svær

    Hilsen Jesper

  3. Hur går det med båten? Planer för vintern?

  4. Hur går det med båten? Planer för vintern?

  5. båden er nu på land og skal bl.a. have justeret sværdkisten.

    mvh Jesper

  6. Hi Jesper

    Very exciting for you.

    Looking at your mainsail shape, my guess is that the mast is bending too much. I can see that especially in the lowest batten and trimline which is heavily distorted. In strong (even medium) wind the monster mainsail will be totally out of shape, and you will probably break the mast. Using stiffer battens will not help, because the luff of the mainsail has a pre-cut curve, and your mast is bending beyond that curve. Remember that with the new deep bulb keel you have added a lot of stability to the boat, so you can carry more sail area, but the mast profile is from the original boat and it is simply too skinny. The side-way mast profile stability is good because you added triple spreaders, but you have nothing supporting the forward stability of the mast, except the skinny profile itself. Don't sail too far offshore :-)

  7. Hi Jesper,

    I looked closer at the rigging, and I noticed that your leeward shrouds are very loose, even in light air. With your triple spreaders being angled backwards, the shrouds must be set quite tight to prevent the mast from bending forward too much. Setting the shrouds tight will help somewhat to straighten the mast, but I still think the mast profile is too skinny. You also need to consider that this is an old aluminum mast, and aluminum gets tired with age.

  8. Hi Anonym,
    Thanks for your coemnts on the skinny mast profile. I am aware of it but dont want to use money on a new profile before I have tried a number of things with the shrouds and the tightening of the wires.
    Last season was only two times out of the harbour and the mast was not proper trimmed. this year we start by trimming the rigging a lot harder that last year and give the front of the mast a dynema string from the top to the stern of the boat in order to minimise the bending. Dont know if it works alternatively I might start looking for a new mast - might even be acarbon profile if i can find a cheap second hand one.

    BR Jesper